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If you're looking at this page, you've found my art work.  Yay!  However, it's likely you've either fallen in love with a piece, only to find it's been sold (Boo!) or you've been looking through my shop and haven't quite found the piece that will suit your home or space and are wondering how you can get your hands on an original piece of my art that works for you.

The good news is, you've come to the right place.

The exciting thing about commissioned pieces is that I get to revisit and recreate some of my favourite paintings or I get the opportunity to create something wonderful with you from scratch.

Please note: Whilst I can use some of my previous paintings as a base for your commission, all of my paintings are an individual creation, no painting can be recreated inch by inch but I can work as closely as possible to recreate something similar for you.

For something new, we will discuss a colour palette that I will use as a base for your commission.  I usually ask for pictures of the room and space that your painting will hang, this gives me an idea of where the painting will sit and the colours you are hoping to draw in from the room surrounding.  I will need to know what you have in mind for size, I will then source a canvas as close to your requirements as possible.

The nitty gritty....

Commissions take 6-8 weeks (from agreed start date) to complete depending on your vision. All custom work starts at £200 and 50% deposit is required up front once we've discussed the details and drawn up the contract to include your colour palette and design preferences.  Throughout the process I will take photos to send to you so you can follow the journey of your original art work.

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I look forward to working with you in the future!

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