Roy's Art Fair

OXO Tower, South Bank, London

2nd - 5th April 2020

I have such exciting news for you all!  I'm BACK at Roy's Art Fair for the Spring 2020 edition of the show.

I didn't think I would get to make it this year due to a date clash but fate would have it's way and I am now going to be there in full swing!  I learned so much from my previous experience that I'm going into next year with a slightly different and more tailored strategy, with a little fine tuning on my style and display.

If you haven't been yet, the OXO Tower is a totally different beast to the Truman Brewery, although equally iconic.  This 1930's building struck fame with its household brand name.  After being run down into a derelict state, it has now been refurbished and proudly boasts the most incredible industrial art space with a rabbit warren of rooms and contrasting spaces.  The feeling is raw and undisciplined as you navigate your way through the rooms adorned with original art works and creations.

You absolutely must come down an experience all this exhibition has to offer, I can't wait to see the familiar faces, as well as lots of new talent!  Come and join me from Thursday 2nd April to Sunday 5th April.  Get your tickets at


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New Year.  New Me.  New Art.

Roy's Art Fair

Truman Brewery, Brick Lane

3rd-6th October 2019

In October I had the pleasure of joining 92 fabulous artists, ranging from the well-seasoned pro to brand new on the scene, at the fabulous Roy's Art Fair at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane.  The mecca of arty venues!

The atmosphere was electric throughout the weekend, with this fabulous venue piquing the interest of passers by and drawing the crowds through the door.  Whether a student, shopper, browser or designer, there was something here for everyone!  Roy and his team have managed to achieve what many art fairs tend to lack and that is a great sense of fun!  Welcomed by both the Artists and the visitors alike.

I was privileged to be surrounded by some wonderful artists who shared their invaluable knowledge and experience with me, for which I'll be forever grateful.

If you haven't made it to this show yet, keep an eye out for future fairs and free tickets at

Stay tuned for the full version of events in my blog.  New post coming soon!


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Thank you to all that stopped by stand 58 to see my work!

The Coven Meet Up

Benk & Bo, Aldgate

22nd August 2019

On the 22nd August I joined the ladies from The Coven Girl Gang for their latest networking event. 


The Coven, led by the brilliantly smart and business savvy Sapphire Bates, is an online membership platform for women who are ready to take their business to the next level.  Celebrating the 'female founder', the Coven supports you in growing your business, assisted by a community of equals all striving to help each other to succeed in achieving their goals. 

For me, it's an opportunity to meet and connect with creative individuals alike to share the questions, stresses and strains of trying to get a new business off the ground. Also for making connections for future collaborations and design help which I always seem to need! 

As always, I was inspired by all the incredible women I met, from all backgrounds and industries, hungry to turn their dreams into successful businesses.  I was absolutely amazed at the ideas my co-witches were creating and learned so much on how these ladies were attacking their marketing strategy in their respective fields.

I can't wait for the next event!

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Shout out to the lovely Abi, Jess and Annabelle for some fab, thought provoking conversation!