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Introduction to...........ME!

Everyone has a different journey into their art and their passion. For some it's a lifelong talent that they've nurtured and perfected over the years, for some it's a dream they finally take the leap to realise and for others it may be born out of difficulties in life or circumstances.

For me, however, it was quite simply, a happy accident...

Bear with me while I tell you a short story of how I came to be here writing to you.

2017 had promised to be 'My Year', I was fully convinced that because 17 was my lucky number that 2017 was going to be the year of all years. And it was, but not in the ways I expected... It turned out that 2017 had other ideas for me but somehow forgot to send me the memo!

Consequently a life disaster ensued and I found myself floundering in a hole of misery, self-pity and biscuits! So, in my loathsome state, I decided to join Instagram so I could distract myself (from myself) and pass my time looking at millions of other people's lives instead. (Utterly tragic I know!).

It was then that I, completely by chance, stumbled across a painting that completely blew me away by the gorgeous Cheltenham based Artist, Emma Howell. I then spiralled down an Instagram rabbit hole, scrolling through hundreds of images and pages of beautiful, bright and bold paintings that completely changed my mood and consequently a seed was sewn in my brain. Then for the days and nights to come, that little seed seemed to grow and sprout in my head and the point I kept coming back to was...

I can do that.

...And then a dear friend bought me a Beret, I say it was meant to be.
Am I the Artist Emoji? Check.

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