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Don't listen to society!

As a society, we're told not to say this about ourselves, this word is always used in reference to other people, especially us self-deprecating Brits!

But, I know my journey. More importantly, I know what it's taken to get here. All the highs, the lows, the hard work, life disasters and all of the many bumps in the road over the last few years.

I can honestly say that I am so PROUD of myself and what I have achieved in order to get ready for my very first Art Fair. My first real opportunity to get my art work out into the big wide world!

My 33rd year on this planet is honestly the year I've lived most contently in the best version of myself.

2 years ago I hadn't picked up a paintbrush since GCSE year at high school! Let alone had any idea about setting up and creating a business selling my own creations.

Now I'm standing here, looking at this body of work laid out before me and I do feel an overwhelming sense of achievement.

I was given 2 months to prepare for this show and have managed to produce a collection I absolutely love and am so proud to show off to the masses.

I truly feel that it doesn't matter if I sell anything this weekend (although of course I would love to) as I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate and have connected with so many fab Artists on the run up to this show.

All that's left to do now is label up and get these off to their destination!

If you're thinking of popping down, the show begins tomorrow evening from 5.30pm and is open until Sunday! I really hope you like what I have to show you.

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