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Today's lesson: Be less handsy with the delete button...

So, like a moron, I managed to delete my last (carefully written) blog post.

Oh! The trauma!

Is there anything worse than seeing the fruits of your labour disappear into the ether because of your own incompetence? I think not.

I won't re-write the whole thing and shall opt for a recap instead!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have seen that I have been accepted to show my work at the amazing 'Roy's Art Fair' taking place at the Truman Brewery between 3rd - 6th October. Which is now THIS WEEK! (Paniiiiiiiiic).

The organisers, Roy Tyson and Sam Peacock welcome Artists of all levels, mediums and backgrounds, from brand new to established, to present their affordable art at the show. To say I'm excited to be part of this event is an understatement.

As mentioned in the post I deleted, I was recommended to apply for the fair by someone looking after their Insta page, following a post I'd uploaded. I felt instantly nervous and inspired all at once and decided to go and check one of their fairs out for myself first before deciding whether to submit an application.

Their first fair of the year took place at the OXO Tower on the South Bank. I was instantly surprised at how busy it was when I first arrived as I'd been to previous shows at the same venue that didn't seem to attract as much footfall. Wandering around the amazing industrial building was fantastic, with floors to ceilings covered in stand after stand of awe-inspiring art works. I felt a complete sense of warmth as everyone I spoke to was so lovely, especially when they realised I was doing a recce before potentially applying for a spot! Other art fairs I've been to have felt so busy that you can barely stand at each persons stall and admire the work before you're being pushed onto the next. I found that Roy's have managed to achieve the perfect balance. All I heard from the exhibitors were amazing reports saying the whole process had been managed in a personal way and many had already made new friends and contacts before the show even started.

I absolutely knew that this was the place for me to start!

..........And then got nervous so did absolutely nothing about it.

After checking the application page on their website repeatedly for months, I finally decided to enter for the Truman Brewery show in October.

But of course, it was too late and the applications were at waiting list stage. I then received an email saying I didn't get through this year and to apply for the next year. I was gutted but put it down to everything happening for a reason.

Another couple of months went by where I was working hard to feel more confident in my painting process and spent my time furiously persevering to get my website published. A question was then put to me that really made me think.

I was asked why my website wasn't published and what was I waiting for?

I really couldn't think of any reason at all.

Firstly, I am a classic perfectionist. I wanted everything to be absolutely right, thought out, finished, tried and tested before releasing, but also, I was simply, just nervous at exposing myself like that.

This whole process has been a very revealing endeavour for me. It's one thing talking about yourself and your work to friends, family and colleagues, but opening yourself up to the big wide world is a whole different ball game. And I admit, I was a chicken for a while, but that is absolutely ok and all part of the journey.

On the 30th July 2019 I decided to take that all important leap, under the basis of 'Come the f**k on Kelly, it's now or never!'. And I literally haven't looked back.

My website has been so well received and I was lucky enough to make some early sales and the process has been building ever since. I found it a very humbling experience watching my Google Analytics geekily and intently, seeing different people from around the world from Panama to India and back again, checking my work out. It blew my mind that people cared enough to stop by for a browse to see what was going on here at 'the bird talks'.

About a week after I launched the website, to my surprise, I found an email in my inbox asking if I would still like to show my work at the Truman in October.

Consequently, I had a meltdown. Before biting the guy's arm off of course! Whilst I didn't feel particularly prepared or ready, I was more prepared than before! And I just knew this was my time and I had to leap for the opportunity that presented itself.

It's now approximately 48 hours until the big day!! I have produced some of my best work, totally cocked up said 'best work', have barely slept but have loved every part of the process and am so excited to be showing my work to you lovely lot from Thursday onwards!

Please stop by, bring your friends, family, neighbours, strangers, all are welcome! I can't wait to see you all there.

For free tickets, visit

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