'Raw' and 'Relish'

Firstly, I need to point out that these pictures in no way do Kelly's work justice.  I took them this morning, in between getting my kids ready for school, in a badly lit house!  They fail to fully portray the vibrancy of the colours and the endless satisfying tactility of the textures.  They do, however, show a very happy me, having invested in 2 of them: one for my boyfriend's Christmas present and one for me, because, having decided to buy the first, I realised I needed one in my life too.

Kelly has found such an original niche in what she does.  There is nothing like it out there that I know of and it all screams positivity and feel good.  They reflect her own personality and lift those who have them in their homes / offices / living spaces.  Her understanding of colour and how the lumps and bumps created by a palette of knife pique that positive feeling in your brain, is no accident.

So, as I said, the photos show a very happy me and hopefully soon to be very happy boyfriend (and don't worry, I already told him...I was too excited about it not to and so I am not spoiling things with this post!).

- Carrie Threadgold, Bristol, UK.

Meadow Review.jpg


Tickled Pink with my fabulous painting!  So proud to be the owner of one of Kelly's original paintings.  Kelly has captured with great effect what my heart loves.  Even on the greyest of days her painting brightens up my wall and brings a smile to my face.  Thank you Kelly, I will treasure my painting always and I wish you oodles of success as you progress and I look forward to following your achievements.

Much love and big hugs to you.

- Jacqueline Hill, Bideford, UK.

Sunshine after the Rain.jpg

Thank you for our lovely, original painting by Kelly Edwards 'Sunshine after the rain'.  This picture does not do the painting justice!

The picture arrived carefully wrapped, took a while to unwrap :D but was worth the wait!

We wish you all the best in your new journey.  I would highly recommend anyone to purchase a painting from you.  We can't wait to commission another painting!  Good luck at your art fair, you are so talented!

- Deb and Rich Gooding, Bristol, UK.

'Sunshine After the Rain'


So happy to have this lovely little piece of original art in my collection.  It was a pleasure to deal with Kelly throughout the process and I look forward to seeing what new delights await in the future.  Wonderful service and wonderful art!

Thank you Kelly.

- Rob Tucker, Bristol, UK.



'Underneath the Overflow'



I am the proud owner of 2 of Kelly's beautiful pieces of art.  We have been in our house for 4 years and were waiting until finding the perfect piece, before we put anything up.  So we have lived in a white box since moving in!

After lusting over them for a while, I finally purchased the pieces before Christmas and could not have been happier.  The photo's don't do them justice and we even decided to decorate our whole bedroom around 'Underneath the Overflow', (which was originally for the spare room, but when it arrived we decided we wanted to enjoy it in our room!  Both pieces make us smile daily and they have completely changed the tone of the rooms for the better.

The only thing I wish is that I'd done it sooner!  These pictures in no way do them justice.

- Kylie Richardson, Northampton, UK.


I recently bought a painting from Kelly.  It's completely fabulous, we love the colours and textures.  Definitely keen to add to the collection with a bigger piece from Kelly soon.  Great service and beautifully packaged.  Highly recommend.

- Hannah Macklin, Chepstow, UK.






I can't tell you how over the moon I am to be the proud owner of 'Busy'.  It's a gorgeous piece of art created by a beautiful person.  It looks incredible and I absolutely cannot wait to hang it on my wall!  The colours bring me daily joy and every home should have one, she is such a talented artist.  Love Kelly's art work so much that I've now bought 'Sassy' to brighten my bedroom.  Can't thank Kelly enough.

- Annie Prendiville, Northampton. UK.


I'm over the moon with my new painting by the very talented Kelly!

When I saw 'Garden of Eden' the vibrant colour and madness were beautiful and I simply had to have it.  I saw this painting and it captured so much essence of life!  Thank you Kelly, it's gone to a great home and much loved.  

- Gemma Fernandez, London, UK.

'Garden of Eden'

Every ending has a beginning.jpg

I bought a Kelly Edwards original for a Christmas present for a loved one. The package arrived super quickly, beautifully packaged and her communication was second to none. As for the art itself well it was even more wonderful in reality than the image on the internet. We are all so excited that we have a piece of art from such a talented artist. Will definitely be buying more and more.

- Karen Dunne-Squire, Bristol, UK.

'Every ending has a beginning'

Field of dreams.JPG

I'm so, so pleased with my art by Kelly Edwards, it's absolutely stunning.  We moved to a new build and all my pictures from our old Victorian house did not work.  What I love most of all about my piece is the texture.  I was very lucky that Kelly kindly agreed to do this piece for me.  I will always have my eye on your page as we have plenty of walls to fill!  Thank you so much for painting for me, it's my first ever piece of original art work.  Wishing you lots of success for the future as your work is amazing!

- Karen Austin, Bristol, UK.

'Field of dreams'


I'm the proud owner of this lovely work by Kelly.  It's impossible not to feel alive when you look at it.  I love it!

- Derek Colvin, Surrey, UK.


Summer in the City.jpg

I am absolutely delighted with my painting which was a Xmas pressie from my husband. It's a beautiful, vibrant mix of colours and has a really summery feel to it. Looking at it makes me feel happy and uplifted. My husband said the whole buying experience was straightforward and professional with a lot of care and attention to detail. I would definitely recommend this lovely artist and her paintings and I will definitely be back for another one.

- Sandra Robbins, Bideford, UK.

'Summer in the City'