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Exciting 'news'! I've added a news section to the homepage of the website. I wanted to keep my interaction with my followers and subscribers more fluid and let you know what I'm getting up to behind the scenes.

Each week, this bird will be featuring and talking about a totally new topic, art related of course! This could be a review of somewhere I've visited, museums, galleries, landmarks etc, my painting tips and tricks, a recommendation for a store, product or even a book. The possibilities are endless.

If it's something particularly exciting that I think you'll like i'll make sure I extend this to a blog post to give you the full lowdown.

For the time being, visit my homepage at to read about my recent trip to Hampton Court Palace, the home of King Henry VIII and take a peep at the show stopping ceiling murals. They are the epitome of WOW! And, of course, it doesn't stop there. I'm hoping I've inspired you to get your tickets booked for a day trip. Make sure you get there early and spend the full day getting lost in history and don't forget to save time to walk around the grounds and experience the art work of these sensational gardens.

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