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Introducing Kelly Edwards Art Studio.

Sending a very long and well overdue 'Hello and how are you?' to my all my old friends and followers, it really has been quite some time since we last spoke! Two years to be precise and goodness me, so much has happened, hasn't it!?

I know, I know, it's most unlike me to be so quiet. You see, I've had my hands a little tied up since my last blog post. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful miniature human, that has been taking all of his Mummy's attention and leaving very little room for all things creative, unless they include pipe cleaners, empty loo roll tubes and PVA glue!

First and foremost, you'll notice that things are a little different around here. Along with the growth in the bags under my eyes and the grey hair, I have decided to extend that to my arty moniker and have fondly said goodbye to and retired 'The Bird Talks' and am growing into a new space. Enter 'Kelly Edwards Art Studio'.

It's been a funny old couple of years and much like everyone else, life has changed unrecognisably for me. I am no longer working and living full-time in London, instead I've upped sticks and moved to the Cotswold town of Bradford-on-Avon (near Bath for a more familiar geographical location). Being a die-hard, born and bred 'City Girl', I swore I'd never move to the countryside....and yet, here I am!

With all these great changes afoot and with impeccable timing (stood at the precipice of worldwide economic financial ruin) I've decided to really jump in at the deep end and pursue my 'art thing' properly, not as an aside to the day job, but as the day job. Of course, my EDF bill will determine how long that lasts...

With full awareness of the rocky road ahead, I am chock-full of optimism and imposter syndrome in equal measure, but above all, I am extremely excited for the future of Kelly Edwards Art Studio. I want to thank you all for your previous support and hope you'll stick with me on this exciting new journey ahead.

I will be coming back to my socials very soon and releasing new work, please keep your eyes peeled!

Kelly Edwards Abstract Artist
Introducing Kelly Edwards Art Studio.

Kelly Edwards.

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